Color is not an exact science.

Color is intangible, it is relative to it’s surroundings.

Why do you love your girlfriend’s new house or the new cafe or boutique down the street? It’s not one color you love, it’s the combination of color, light and texture.

I design color palettes from a fine artist’s point of view, this can mean a minimalist design consisting of whites and woods or a saturated, layered color palette.  It depends on your goals. Whatever your style is, the result will be tasteful, elegant and stand the test of time.

The process  is like making a piece of art: draw attention here, away from there, repeat a pattern , highlight an area , carry the eye around, create balance, step back, edit & finish. This is how I approach your project.

I work directly with architects, homeowners, developers, real estate agents and general contractors. I have experience with all sizes/styles of homes.

My passion is helping people make their home or business reflect their style.  I  am honest, opinionated and fast at what I do and look forward to helping you uncover your true style.


~Purchase College NY 1995 BFA Printmaking

~Leatrice Eiseman’s Color Psychology Workshop on Bainbridge Island, WA. 2005 

~Painter & Arts education advocate 

~Published July 2012 NW Home Magazine,part of an amazing team of designers and architects..

~Gray Magazine Conversations @ Room & Board. July 31st 2014-  invited to be on a panel discussing bringing color into your  home.